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Having trouble thinking of a topic that is different yet creative? We all go through this feeling while writing since coming up with a unique topic each time is not easy or we are running short on time and need to write about something innovative. So if you are facing difficulty in choosing the right direction for your writing, you might want to practice your hand at this technique of writing.

The process

Academic writing service is quite innovative since it involves writing methods slightly different from the ones normally used. The idea is to choose an initial topic, can be anything that comes to your mind and start writing freely without taking account the normal considerations of writing. Give yourself some time for this free writing, you may use a timer, keep writing for a certain time and then read what you have written. When you are rechecking your text, highlight the most important point in it and start writing a fresh paragraph or line elaborating the point that you chose or the thought that came to your mind when reading the point. Repeat the process and continue writing multiple loops based on the prompts you identify in your writing. By the time you are done with the third loop it is likely that now you have a clear idea on which to develop your essay or writing since you have managed to jot down different ideas and built some connections between them.

The techniques

Different techniques can be used while coming up with ideas through looping. These include making variations in audiences, time, dialogues, scenes etc. thereby enabling the reader to not just read your essay but make them experience it also. Since the main aim is to come up with something different, there is no hard and fast rule as to what technique you use, be as different and creative as you want.

The benefit

Looping can help you come up with ideas and make connections between totally disconnected and different topics. It is quite a focused approach towards brainstorming and ensures a lot of idea generation.

The difference

The difference is clear, this technique enables the writer to come up with essays that are bound to interest the reader, owing to their unique style and the fact that multiple ideas are connected together to form a single piece of writing.

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